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CQC Provider ID: 1-1796291493

Our fleet

Our ambulances are long-wheelbase Renault Master or Peugeot Boxer minibus-style vans, equipped with rear folding ramps for ease of access by wheelchair or stretcher, as well as a side door and seats for those who prefer (and are able) to walk with some assistance.


The vehicles are regularly inspected and maintained to a high standard, including a rigorous cleaning schedule both inside and out. They are fitted with appropriate restraints to ensure you can travel safely and securely, with the stretcher lock systems tested to BS EN 1789:2000 standards, and the wheelchair restraints conforming to the dynamic test requirements of ISO 10542-1.


As well as a stretcher and wheelchair, each vehicle also has a carry chair, for negotiating stairs and other tight spaces.


In additional, we also have a smaller Peugeot Partner wheelchair-accessible ambulance car for occasions where a full-size ambulance is unnecessary (for example, where a single crew member can take a wheelchair user to and from a medical establishment, care homes, etc).


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Once again your service can't be faulted. M had a comfortable journey and the crew were very kind.

Maureen H, Rugby