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Our values

Our service is founded on quality, patient experience and compassion. We are committed to Compassion in Practice (Department of Health 2012) and the 6Cs which are:

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Just to say how pleased I was with the service. Well done to the two ambulance people, who treated my mother-in-law with respect and courtesy

Rena F, Northampton

We make sure that, on collection, our passengers are supported in a compassionate manner, dressed with dignity and appropriately for the weather conditions; that, if necessary, the house or other setting is safe and secure before it is left; and that attending members of our staff introduce themselves by name and take time to ensure each passenger is settled before setting off.


We regularly check, during the journey, on the welfare, comfort, and dignity of our passengers. We will, particularly on longer journeys, stop for comfort breaks as and when required, or to turn stretcher passengers who might otherwise suffer pressure sores.


We make sure that, on arrival, our passengers are either “handed over” to a responsible clinician or relative, or (if they will be alone in their home) that they are warm, comfortable and secure; and that they know what will happen to them next so that they feel they have had a positive experience whilst in our care.

Care – people who use our service (whether clinicians or patients) expect us to provide consistent, high quality care

Compassion – given through our quickly establishing relationships based on empathy, respect and dignity

Competence – possessing the technical skills and capabilities to give our passengers an excellent service every time

Communication – listening skills and ability put our passengers at ease in difficult and emotional circumstances for them

Courage - doing the right thing for our passengers, speaking up when we have concerns about instances of poor care

Commitment - to the passengers we serve and our promise to carry on improving