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Rates and charges

We calculate the cost of every journey according to how long it takes and the distance involved, and we will always provide you with a written quotation (generally by email) so that there’s no misunderstanding on either side later on.


Please note that, if a passenger needs lifting or moving upstairs or downstairs at either end of the journey, or transferring between stretcher and chair in order to access a property, an accurate weight will be required at the time of booking, so we can ensure that the correct equipment and staffing levels are allocated.


Our services are exempt from VAT.


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Thank you all for your kindness and care shown to my mother during your transport of her.

Janet C, Northampton

Some small print


Though we rarely have to exercise this, we do have to reserve the right to change, postpone or cancel a booking if the circumstances are not consistent with those given at the time of booking, and a charge may be levied to cover actual time and mileage up to the point of such change, postponement or cancellation.


Equally, we do not like charging a cancellation fee if it can be avoided, and generally – so long as you tell us an hour before the crew is due to book on for the job – we won’t do so. That said, we recognise that unforeseen circumstances can sometimes arise at short notice, meaning our ambulance transport is not required, and we will always try to take a compassionate view in these situations.


In the unlikely event that the journey is cancelled by you after it has begun, a charge relating to the actual time and mileage will be levied, with a minimum charge of £50 (or the originally quoted charge if less).